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Tim Loughton MP will tomorrow propose Equal Civil Partnership - 20th October 2015

Tim Loughton MP will tomorrow set out plans in a 10 Minute Rule Motion, which has widespread cross-bench support, to extend Civil Partnerships to opposite-sex couples, thereby correcting the glaring inequality in the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013.

The Motion will read: That leave be given to bring in a Bill to amend the Civil Partnership Act 2004 to provide that opposite sex couples may enter into a civil partnership; and for connected purposes.

Tim will say: “Just as the House decided it was time for Equal Marriage then, it is surely time for Equal Civil Partnerships now.”

Indeed the Government’s own consultation on the Act, whilst it was still being legislated on, showed 61% of respondents in favour of extending civil partnerships to opposite-sex couples. Unfortunately it never made it into the Same Sex Marriage Bill.

Tim will say:

“[it] would have made it a better bill, and that is why change is still necessary today.”

Tim will set out the two main rationale for supporting this Bill.

First, Tim will explain how and why the Bill will correct the “unintended but glaring inequality” where same-sex couples are still entitled to continue in a civil partnership, but opposite-sex couples will have only the option of conventional marriage.

Tim will describe this as:

“An inequality in what was billed as an Act to promote equalities.”

Second, Tim will explain how the Bill will support family stability, using the example of France, where pacte civil de solidarité (PACS), introduced in 1999, as a form of civil union between two adults of the same or opposite sex has in some cases exhibited greater stability, whether those are opposite-sex or same-sex partnerships. Tim will use statistics from the Centre for Social Justice, which - amongst other things - calculate the cost to this country of family breakdown at £48 billion, in order to accentuate the importance of this issue.

Tim will say:

“Cohabitation is the fastest-growing form of family in this country, and we need to recognise that our society is changing.”

Tim will conclude by saying:

“The time has come to back equal civil partnerships, potentially to the benefit of many cohabiting families, their children and to the stability of our society as a whole.”

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