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Operation stack - The Voice of Kent is heard in Downing Street - 25th November 2015

"The united voice of Kent`s Members of Parliament has been heard in Number 11 Downing Street" says North Thanet`s MP, Sir Roger Gale " and the result, announced in the Autumn Statement, will be the funding for a proper and long-term solution to the problems that have faced the Country`s road hauliers for decades".

"Following our meeting with the Chancellor of the Exchequer" says Sir Roger " the County`s MPs have secured the funding that should provide not just for an emergency facility but for a proper expansion of lorry parking that truck drivers will be able to use all year round. What we need, and what we should now be able to deliver, is a lorry park that offers proper washing, lavatory and resting provision as well as catering for those, inbound and outward bound, using our Channel Ports.

I hope and expect that this will be coupled with a more rigorous control of the County`s lay-bys and verges so that truck drivers do not utilise public spaces as public lavatories and so that proper hygiene is maintained.

I am delighted that Manston Airport, unused as a lorry park, is once again available for restoration as an operational airfield and I think that Kent owes a debt of gratitude to the MP for Folkestone and Hythe for co-ordinating our parliamentary efforts and for arranging the meeting with the Chancellor that has generated this result.

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