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Article 50 - a Statement. Sir Roger Gale MP - 5th November 2016

I am surprised and saddened that the High Court has decided that it and not the elected Government of the United Kingdom should determine how and when to present plans to leave the European Union to parliament .

I personally voted to remain within the European Union and I did so because for all of is faults - and they are very many - the future of our children and grandchildren's generation will be more secure both physically and economically within a greater entity.

I hold to that view but it is abundantly clear that a majority of my constituents who voted in the Referendum, as a majority of the people of Britain, did not, for whatever reason, share it.

It may well prove to be the case that what was described as ' Project Fear' will in time be seen to have been ' Project Fact' and that we as a nation shall be poorer and less secure as a result of leaving the European Union but the reality is that the nation has taken a decision and that decision must be respected.

It is up to those of us who are elected to Parliament to seek to deliver. " Brexit" on the best achievable terms for our Country and to do so as swiftly and cleanly as possible and I do not believe that an unelected Judiciary nor an unelected House of Peers should be allowed to intervene to frustrate the will of the British people as those people have expressed it.

The Prime Minister has not just a right but a duty to govern and she must be allowed to do so."

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